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Kay J.

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Things [May. 17th, 2011|09:44 am]
Kay J.
It's been a while since I had a second to just be. I need to get some thoughts out. Here goes:

1. Last weekend was the 5th birthday party in as many weekends that Eli was invited to, and we attended. It's hard to say no to these, when Eli enjoys them so much. I've resorted to getting every child Hungry Hungry Hippos, and that also results in over $100 spent on birthday gifts for other kids... something we had not originally budgeted for. Wow. Amazing to think how that adds up. While the birthday parties are a hit for Eli, for us, it means getting the gift, make sure Eli gets there, and just a bit more stress. At some point, I'll learn to say no to parties. For now, we go along with it.

2. I've been playing my drums weekly with a group of Jay' co workers. While I enjoy playing, the song selection and the overall vibe with the group is lacking. They all want so badly to be serious about their music, and I just want to play, have some banter with my band mates, and explore more songs. I'm on the fence on as to continue with this group, or look for something else. I'd LOVE to find a all female group, that had the goal of playing on a semi regular basis.

3. The allergy season is in full swing, and luckily, my daily doses of claritin are helping me get through it. I've gone to every other day doses now, as that medicine just makes me tired.

4. Big drama at work. I created it myself. I need to do a separate post for this but the short of it - Managers want us to create teaching/learning videos with our faces introducing the topic and us showing how-to steps. While I have no issue with doing video work, voice work, etc, I do not want my face on a video. I expressed my concern (several times) to my manager, and she seemed to think it was cute. It finally came to me being so frustrated, that in a private, last-ditch attempt to pleade my case, I burst into tears. When I get so frustrated that I feel I can't get my point across, I cry. Call it a weakness if you want, but it's what happens for me. It was only when I explained to my boss that I was considering finding other work, that she *got* it that I was serious about not wanting to be on video. Alas, it's all worked out, but this happening has shown me that I've got some underlying issue that I need to dig into. This worries me that I let something manfest in this way, but I now know I've got some work to do.

5. Weight loss has stalled, but that's partly my fault as well. I know what's up and I've been working to correct it. Feeling stronger this week, and I'm not sure why. I've found that I can go for about six weeks at either a stall or a gain, and then wham, drop five-six pounds. Let's see if that continues.